I think I might be a little addicted to trying out new Mobile Apps for business and my personal life! Each morning I get a notification from “App of the Day” pointing me towards the Free App of the Day, I click the link and hope it’s not a game App, not that I have anything against gaming apps, they are just not for me! I check out the App on offer and decide whether I’d like to test it out. I also find myself browsing the App store like I use to browse the magazine rack at the news agency – just checking out the latest releases to see what might take my fancy.

Apps available on the App stores

Apps available on the App stores

There are over 4 billion apps available across the Apps stores, with Google Play (1.5 billion) just outdoing Apple’s App Store (1.4 billion). There are 5 main Platforms for Apps – iOS (Apple) / Android (Google) / Windows / Amazon (Kindles) / RIM (Blackberry).

For me, keeping up with the latest Mobile Apps for business is part of my role as a Digital Educator, but for many, knowing what Apps are, where to find them, how to install them and how to use them can be quite a daunting task.  Our “Apps for Businesshands-on lab/workshop is ideal for the business owner who wants to integrate mobile devices into their business, or in some cases, learn how to use the iPad they got for Christmas.

I have around 400 Apps installed on my Smartphone and sort them into categories, photos, video, health, travel, utilities etc.  I have also developed apps and have a few apps on the Appstore myself using Augmented Reality, namely Maryborough Official Visitors Guide and Benalla Lake Loop.

So I’d like to help share the app love by creating a little saying “Hey there’s an App for that!”.

My intention is to help people and not just business owners to match Mobile Apps for business with a typical task they might complete each day, whether it be in business or in their personal life.  My initial focus will be about finding and using Apps, not developing Apps – that will come later.

In my opinion, we all need to keep up with this rapidly evolving digital world or we’ll simply be left behind, one way is to keep up is to ask the question “Is there an App for that?” and in most cases there is! Integrating a Mobile Apps for business or into an App into our personal lives can have many advantages,

Advantages of using Mobile Apps for Business (and personal life)

  • Enhance the experience
  • Reduce time
  • More entertainment
  • Get more organised
  • Increasing productivity

Tips finding and using Mobile Apps for Business (and personal life)

  • If you have a repetitive process at work, take some time out to see if there is an App that could help speed up that process
  • Once you install apps, keep them updated (update over Wifi will help lower your data use)
  • Ensure you understand the use of the Apps data usage
  • Organise your Apps in folders according to their purpose
  • When purchasing business software, find out if the software has a supporting App as part of the offering
  • Make time each week to do some App R&D (say 15 mins) browse the App store, try out an app that might be useful
  • Apps can help teams to become more efficiently, eg. sharing data, contacts, inputting information in central database

Free App of the Day

If you’re interested in saving a little money and discovering new apps as part of your digital skills training, consider installing one of the “Free Apps of the Day” Apps. The one I use is AppTurbo “App of the Day Australia

Free Mobile Apps For Business and Personal Life | Free App of the day

Free Mobile Apps For Business and Personal Life | Free App of the day

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Here’s a great little App of the Day video review by “Mark the tech guy”.

Hope you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment below so I can help you on your digital quest!

Mobile Apps For Business Workshop

Learn more about our “Smartphone Apps for Businesshands-on lab / workshop. Ideal for participants eager to learn how to integrate and develop mobile apps into their business.