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On the back of the 2018 Beef Paddock to Plate tour bringing free STEM experiences to schools and events throughout SA, TAS, Vic, ACT and NSW, Rocky the Think Digital Coach has once again hit the road.

This time, Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) and the Australian Good Meat team have given us the opportunity to bring a new story on tour with us, all about lamb. The Lamb Paddock to Plate experience will educate Australians in VR about where their food comes from, and features lamb producer Michael Craig, as well as other MLA stakeholders to help bring the story to life. Consumers will put on a headset and be immersed in the world of Australian sheep farming, from transportation, processing, to the end markets, and how lamb ends up on your plate.

Unlike the beef experience, Lamb Paddock to Plate was created entirely by Think Digital! We’ve used 360 video and virtual reality technology to create this immersive STEM experience, so students and participants can learn in an interactive and fun way, which is free for the schools involved.

Rocky has been on the road for a week already, where we started at evokeAG in Melbourne, then headed north to the Royal Canberra Show. Our next stop is the Newcastle Regional Show, followed by the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and plenty of schools and local events in between!

We have been so excited to begin this new journey as it builds on the Beef Paddock to Plate 360 degree virtual reality story, which was a resounding success in 2018. Between the schools and agricultural shows that we visited in the region, Rocky and the Think Digital crew travelled over 6,000km in three months, and almost 18,000 people were immersed in the Beef Paddock to Plate experience. The widespread exposure we brought for agricultural education and virtual reality technologies led to a feature on ABC’s Landline, which will air in February 2019.

The Lamb Paddock to Plate VR story is an educational experience, but it’s so fun and innovative that the knowledge will stick around forever! If you or your school would be interested in experiencing the Lamb Paddock to Plate VR story, contact us here!