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Have you heard that the Australian Government is pledging almost $31m to better support Ag shows and to support Paddock to Plate education so that kids know where their food comes from?

We loved hearing the caller to ABC Rural NT Country Hour onboard the Think Digital Coach earlier this week who suggested

ABC Rural Caller

Use FarmVR like the Australian Good Meat, Meat & Livestock Australia Paddock to Plate bus that goes to various schools and shows around Australia. It could even be expanded to take in lots of different ag industry, using technology that will appeal to kids in the city. The bloke that does it presented at the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association in Alice last year.

Why yes Tim Gentle did, and we are proudly on the road right now for Australian Good Meat. Kids in an inner Sydney school today are being taken to the farm and then learning about the production journey for Australian Lamb without leaving the school grounds… Paddock to Plate Education in Virtual Reality!

Anything that seeks to better connect people to where their food comes from and inspires kids to consider food & fibre as a career pathway is something we’re passionate about and keen to be a part of.
As much as we’d love to, it may not be practical to get every city kid to a farm like the Liberal Party of Australia are suggesting, but we could definitely bring the farm to them using VR – relatively low cost but definitely high impact.

Along with our VR platform accessible to anyone with our app, our 14 metre hi tech mobile classroom Think Digital Coach is also ready to deliver a range of #FarmVR Food & Fibre and Paddock to Plate education experiences that can be linked directly to the curriculum… kids can get on the job experience in a range of industries they may otherwise never know about or be exposed to… the options are endless…