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We attend schools, agricultural shows, conferences, and events to showcase immersive technologies, our apps, and agricultural immersive experiences.















What is Immersive Technology?


Immersive technology is comprised of virtual and augmented reality.

Virtual Reality is a computer generated environment that is interactive, exciting and immersive. It is experienced using a VR headset and can also incorporate other inputs, like handheld units.

Augmented Reality superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus bringing it to life.  Augmented Reality objects can be viewed via a mobile device, or using AR glasses, referred to as wearables.


School Incursions

Think Digital can visit your school in the Think Digital Coach, our hi-tech mobile classroom on wheels. We deliver student immersive experiences that are linked to STEM education.

School Incursions

Our digital educators are trained professionals who ensure that the students are inspired, engaged, become educated around the benefits and uses of immersive technologies, and are exposed to real life applications using this technology.

We will discuss your requirements and design a format that is suitable.

A typical incursion might involve five 30 minute sessions, providing insight into 360 photos and 360 video, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

We also provide teacher personal development programs.

Agricultural Shows

Think Digital delivers immersive experiences at agricultural shows to educate people where their food comes from and encourage them to pursue or consider a career in agriculture.

Agricultural Shows

We are an attraction for the show as we offer a new and exciting concept for education, and we showcase our FarmVR applications.

Our activations can include 360 video experiences and interactive virtual reality experiences. A typical activation would include six headsets, two staff, and can accommodate up to 300 patrons per day. These experiences last between 3-4 minutes.

We are happy to create custom experiences based on the focus of the agricultural show.

Previous experiences that we have run have included a tractor simulator where people can learn how to drive a tractor, and paddock to plate experiences.

Conferences & Events

Think Digital has taken our FarmVR activations to industry conferences and events, where we are often asked to present a workshop and keynote presentation as part of our involvement.

Conferences & Events

Our activations are interactive, and allow event goers to try virtual reality – often for the first time – but at the same time it’s about agricultural education. We often talk to attendees about how they can use immersive technologies in their industry and business to better communicate and educate.

Our FarmVR activation has been to many industry conferences and events, including CSIRO’s ‘Ag Catalyst,EvokeAg, GFIA.

Our technologies have also been used to advertise and showcase agricultural events Australia wide, from Western Australia to Tasmania.

If you are interested in having FarmVR or Think Digital attend your event, please contact us to discuss.

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 We can provide immersive experiences and workshops to schools, businesses, conferences, and agricultural shows.

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