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At Think Digital, we use a range of VR and AR equipment, and can provide hardware solutions for schools, community groups and businesses.


Think Digital supplies Virtual Reality Kits for schools, organisations and businesses.
Over the past few years as we travelled across the country delivering Virtual Reality experiences and training, we recognised that one of the biggest barriers you had was the hardware.
Our VRKits are customised based on your requirements and contains all that is needed to access immersive content and share it in a group setting, including training and support resources to help build your skills and confidence.

Think Digital Pod

Our plug ‘n’ play VR Machine is designed for schools and business who want to introduce immersive technologies into their offering. The Pod is monitored remotely by Think Digital, and makes introducing VR easy.
It’s fully immersive and uses hand controllers!
Students/Users access our FarmVR App and Farm VR Job Simulator.
Introducing a tractor seat and steering wheel, for enhanced experience


zSpace is the world’s first AR/VR laptop, and creates engagement through exploration and experiential learning in a student-centred environment. zSpace utilises three sensory characteristics to create a natural and intuitive product: depth perception, the ability to look around, and kinesthetic realism. This means that with the specialised eyewear and stylus, you can explore and interact with the three-dimensional environment, and take your learning to a whole new level. – zSpace Team 

Production Equipment

At Think Digital, we use a range of immersive production equipment.
We use:
Samsung Gear 360 camera
Insta360 Pro
DJI Phantom 4 Drone

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