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A hi-tech 14 metre classroom on wheels

Rocky is 14 metres long, and boasts a modular set up inside that can be altered depending on class sizes. It is fully self-sufficient with 4G satellite and the ability to connect to LAN.
Rocky can be booked for a range of different events and tours. Please connect with us to discuss your requirements.

Where is Rocky now?

Rocky is currently touring regional New South Wales with Optus on the ‘On the Road with Optus’ tour.

What Other tours has Rocky completed?

What would you do if you won a bus?

This was exactly the question we pondered in 2016 when we stumbled across a Facebook competition to win a bus. In 25 words or less, we had to describe what we would do if we won. We entered our dream: to create a mobile classroom and travel around regional, rural, and remote Australia, educating people about the digital world. To our surprise and joy, we won!

With support from friends, family, and volunteers, in just six weeks we converted the retired passenger coach into Rocky the Think Digital Coach. Named Rocky because he came from Rockhampton, he  made his grand entrance at Broadband for the Bush in Brisbane.

Rocky soon became our mascot…

…as well as Think Digital’s biggest asset, and helped us understand what we stood for: bringing digital technology and training to people who may otherwise not be able to access it.

We have focused our attention on delivering immersive technology experiences and are now recognised as a virtual reality experience on wheels.

Our biggest success story for the Coach was…

…when Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) through Australian Good Meat commissioned Rocky to take the Beef Paddock to Plate VR Experience on the road.  Complete with full body signage, Rocky travelled from Sydney to Rockhampton for Beef Week 2018 and then throughout Southern Australia, educating kids and event attendees on where their food comes from. During this time over 16,000 people climbed aboard Rocky to experience in VR the Australian Beef Paddock to Plate story.

This led into Rocky’s next tour, up through the Eastern Coast of Australia, this time delivering a Lamb VR experience – written and produced by Think Digital!

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