About Us

Our Vision.

To use immersive technology to create a tribe of storytellers who share their knowledge and help feed the world.

Our Mission.

We use technology to bring together individuals, businesses and communities so they can collaborate, share knowledge and build skills. We seek to empower and educate those around us so they can in turn create their own stories to share and inspire.

How we work.

There is no simple cookie-cutter approach, so most of what we do is customised. Our working relationships are built on identifying client goals and developing a strategy that suits everyone’s requirements.

We are empathetic, and understand that we are pioneers in the digital space. We value an educative approach, and always ensure that our clients feel comfortable with the technology, despite the challenging nature of what we deliver.

We are a nimble organisation, and have the flexibility to grow and expand based on the requirement of the project, as well as pull in specialist contractors when needed.

Australian Ag Immersive Technology Conference 2019




Tim puts 110% into everything he does and his passion is obvious.

Jodi Axford

An excellent workshop, workbook and overview of digital strategy for business.

Louise Kelly

Wonderful service, so valuable to people in isolation who never get to learn anything digital.

Cooper Smith

Tim ran a great session stepping us through the basics of 360 image apps and getting us to make 360 images ourselves, then showed us the future of digital VR and AR education possibilities.

Jess Green

The VR experience was amazing for the students with an opportunity to experience virtual reality, augmented reality, drones and robotic balls. The team were engaing and professional. Well done on a great experience given to students and teachers 🙂

Debbie Osborne

An Amazing Experience, every student 100% engaged.

Karen Garling


Virtual and Augmented Reality Production

Think Digital offers production services for immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, including 360° video and photography, 3D modelling, and even software solutions to showcase your content.

Think Digital develops software for multiple platforms including Oculus and Steam, for use on the MagicLeap, Oculus Quest/Rift/Go, and HTC Vive. This includes FarmVR World, our online collaborative learning space where users from all over the world can connect in real time, enhancing learning opportunities.

Interested in our work? Download the FarmVR application to your iPhone/iPad or Android device to view 360° content, or bring the digital farm to your world with FarmAR iOS or Android.

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