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What We Do

Inspire, Engage & Educate with Immersive Technologies

Working primarily with the Australian education and agricultural sectors, Think Digital provides a range of creative immersive technology services, such as 360° experiences, VR training environments, AR productivity applications as well as app development, event activations, hardware, workshops and training.

Our Services

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360° Experiences

Filming in 360° allows the viewer to feel as if they are actually there, hearing from the producer or industry expert first hand. A great way to take people on a journey and dispel myths around farming practices. 

VR & AR Production

Our developers can build virtual environments using computer generated images that allow interaction with content, such as picking up and moving objects, for greater learning outcomes. 3D Modelling and animation for Augmented Reality Production

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours allow for self paced interaction in the 360° and 2D content. Hotspots can provide links to additional information like 2D video, PDFs and quizzes. 

Workshops & Training

Introductory sessions and hands-on workshops tailored for businesses, schools and students to gain the skills and confidence to use immersive technology and create their own content.

VR & AR Apps

To help our clients manage and deploy their content in a branded environment, we can provide access to our platform, as well as completely customised app build and deployment for VR, web and mobile devices.

Event Activations

Hands on and engaging immersive experiences for corporate and industry events, as well as shows and conventions. 

Rocky the Think Digital Coach

Rocky, the Think Digital Coach is a 14-metre high-tech classroom on wheels that travels throughout rural, regional and remote Australia. Kitted out with 20 VR headsets, the Think Digital Coach is a virtual reality experience on wheels.

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We offer the following immersive technology services to businesses and educational institutions:

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