Interactive Safety Awareness Tool (iSAT)


TAFE Queensland and Knauf teamed up with Think Digital Studios to develop the Interactive Safety Awareness Tool (iSAT), aiming to enhance workplace safety through innovative digital solutions. This partnership created an engaging and accessible platform to address essential safety protocols across various industries.

The iSAT tool employs 360-degree photography and videos to deliver immersive learning experiences. Its interactive micro-learnings cover critical safety topics such as traffic management, manual handling, and preventing slips and trips. Designed for versatility, the tool is applicable in various work environments including retail, factories, farms, and construction sites.


  • Develop an innovative solution to improve safety protocols, addressing key topics like traffic management and manual handling.
  • Partnership between TAFE QLD, Knauf, and Think Digital to develop an innovative, effective training solution.
  • Utilise 360-degree photography and videos for an engaging, immersive and accessible learning experience.

Behind the Scenes