We have reached the fit-out stage for the Digital Coach Project and have enlisted the help of Adam Taylor Customade an experienced bus fit-out company based in Lismore NSW.


Please check out where we are at with the proposed layouts of the “Lab Style Set Up” in the Gallery above. There are in fact 4 layouts we’re proposing;

  1. Lab Style (12 desks, 6 either side, set up facing the rear where teacher is in front on large screen)
  2. Seminar (4 chairs per row, 2 chairs either side of the isle approx 30 chairs facing the rear where teacher is in front on large screen)
  3. Bench (IT equipment set up along a bench that runs down one side of the bus) eg. drone, 3D printer, iPad Pro etc
  4. Floor (children sitting) facing the rear where teacher is in front on large screen). There are “aisle inserts” that fill the aisle to bring it up to the same level as where the seats were

The fit-out is not a small project, in fact it’s probably the biggest we have ever taken on. But I’m never one to back down from a challenge. It’s time now to roll up my sleeves and get it done!  We’ve chosen to combine a sponsorship drive with crowdfunding project and with a well crafted promotional strategy I see no reason why we can’t turn this all into a reality.

We are currently obtaining the final price for the fit-out and then we can set to work raising the much needed funds to achieve the fit-out.

To date, everyone we share our story with, they love the concept. We have had a lot of verbal support and have some key influences and supporters are waiting in the wings for things to kick off. So let’s say we kick them off!!!


It’s been amazing receive ideas from people who have completed similar projects, or travelled Australia and know the conditions. So we’re asking for your ideas please. There could be around

  • Fit-out ideas
  • Potential sponsors
  • Suggested equipment
  • Crowd funding ideas

Make sure you check out the ideas so far in the diagrams and checklist below. There are so many of you that are interested in the journey, so let’s here from you.  Some maybe keen to lend a hand, provide an introduction or donate equipment; we’re open to any ideas at this stage.  I’d like to wrap up the fit-out plans by the end of January 2016, so please place your comments below, call us 0422 900 858 or drop us an email coach@think.digital


  • Interior
    • Dash tidy-up
    • UHF
    • Stereo replaced. Bluetooth, USB, CD
    • Dash cigarette lighter plug
    • Airconditioner
    • New floor vinyl
    • Seating for 7 and re-upholstered
    • Existing A/C ducts retained, but luggage racks removed
    • Aisle inserts
    • Roll down blinds on side windows 70%
    • Overhead lights replaced with LED
    • Divider wall with central door
    • Block-out blinds for the front windows
    • Bench/cupboard behind passenger seat
  • Living Quarters
    • Shower, toilet combo
    • Wardrobe (hanging)
    • Microwave
    • Gas hot water
    • Gas box and plumbing
    • 6 Beds (fold out stretcher style) stored underneath until required
    • Kitchenette
      • Sink
      • Microwave
      • Gas stove with oven
      • Two door fridge 175 litres
      • Rangehood
      • Cupboard space
  • Education Equipment
    • Removable desks (10-12)
    • Teachers PC Station / Desk
    • Folding chairs (40)
    • Large TV Mounted on arm, over door
  • Exterior
    • Repair obvious rust.
    • Remove stickers
    • Repaint Pink on bus white
    • Large retractable Awning
    • Tow bar
    • Reverse camera
  •  Other
    • Full engineer’s certificate
    • Gas certificate



  • General Equipment
    • Generator (will know how big we need it after everything is installed)
    • Solar array
    • Batteries and associated wiring
    • Inverter
    • Charger
    • Large Trestle Table
  • Trade
    • 240v wiring (All wiring will be run to a central point to await connection to batteries and 240v which will need to be carried out by electrician)
  • Education Equipment
    • Large Screen TV (connected to PC)
    • Powerful PC
    • Satellite Internet Connection (with Wifi Zone) – working with Tui Rutherford cygnus.net.au
    • Associated wiring
    • iPads (10)
    • Laptops (6)
    • 3D printer (1)
    • Drone (1)
    • Oculus Rift & PC
    • Internet Connection (Wifi Zone)



  • Body wrap – Signage (including sponsors)
  • A Frames (2)
  • Storage Bins (6)
  • Uniforms (Driver, Teachers)

Well that’s a good list to get us started.


Please place your comments below, call us 0422 900 858 or drop us an email coach@think.digital