Podcast Planning – The Why, Who, What & How…

One of Think.Digital’s goal for 2016 is to launch our very own podcast. 2016 is shaping up to be a cracker of a year and we’d like to share our journey and build our community. What better way to achieve this we feel than to launch the Digital Coach Podcast.

I’ll play a few podcast each week whilst I am out on a run, I love the intimacy they provide. They build trust with your community and from what I can tell, they help the podcast host to grow personally.

I love the Osher Gunsberg Podcast – a few would say I even have a bit of a man-crush, but hey, I don’t care, Osher delivers a great podcast each week as he interviews inspirational Australian’s following their passion in life.

Having never travelled down this road, I fear it will be a path that will require me to sharpen my machete and commit to slashing my way through the jungle “head on”. But in doing so, I hope to help others that may be considering creating their own podcast, but most importantly I want to help educate Regional, Rural and Remote Australians about the digital world.

Why do it? Well firstly, I get a real buzz, secondly, I want to help them keep up with this rapidly evolving digital world.  With some digital knowledge, it is possible to enhance our lives and improve our business.

I’ve been educating audiences around this space for 8 years and invest a lot of time and energy creating and delivering workshops, both face to face and online.

Aside from this, the big news that seems to prick up ears is we’ll be fitting out a Coach as a digital classroom on wheels and touring the countries, so there is sure to be some stories sprout up from this project.

They’ll be mistakes, there will be successes, but the rewards will be big.

I’m sitting here right now, so eager to just push my chair from my “Mac Station” over to my “PC Station” and hit record so I can produce Podcast #1. But just before I jump behind the wheel, it’s best that I practice what I preach and create a Podcast strategy.

I’ve decided to start with defining the following

  1. Why am I doing it
  2. Who is the audience, what are their needs
  3. What will it be about
  4. How will I do it

The Why

To help educate Regional, Rural & Remote Australians about digital world to enrich their personal lives, grow their businesses and support their communities. In doing this, we can attract and retain Australians living in these areas and and help grow Australia’s global competitiveness

Who is the audience, what are their needs?

  • Regional, Rural & Remote Australians.
  • Business Owners, Community Leaders, Agriculture, Digital Explorers, Teachers, & general interest.
  • Looking to enhance their knowledge on the digital world – “The Knowledge Seeker”
  • Interested in following and supporting the Digital Coach Journey “The Story”

What will it be about

The Podcast, will be an informal look at our own journey to achieve our Why. Featuring stories on turning our Digital Coach Project into a reality, whilst offering some digital knowledge along the way.

How will I do it?

A weekly podcast will feature up to 30 mins of content including, but not limited too;

  • ABC Radio Interview Recap “Digital Knowledge”
  • Digital Coach journey – initially crowdfunding journey
  • Interviews with Regional, Rural & Remote Australians having “digital success”
  • Guest presenters – Digital Educators
  • Script template (including structure and dot point notes for each episode)

Technical “How to”

Couple of Ticks that need to be completed

  • Choose a name “Digital Coach” is taken – research required
  • Think Digital is available, but formerly used by Justin Wise which I use to listen too.
  • Choose an Image – I like the “Coach” as image, have whipped up a quick image of me for now…

So there you have it. Now if you don’t mind, the only way I really know is to jump in and get into it! So, I am going to swing my chair across the #mancave floor over to the Production Desk with the intention of writing the script and hitting record, wish me luck!

Look forward to you joining me. I’ll post the link once it get’s approved and is live!