Think Digital Coach Interior Fit-out Walk Through Tour

A guided walk through tour of the proposed interior fit-out of the Think Digital Coach by Adams Taylormade Motorhomes.

“I have my sleeves rolled up, a Coach ready for fit out and a wealth of education ready to share to help combat this issue head on!” Tim Gentle

What is the Think Digital Coach project?

We have a large Coach (bus) that has been donated and ready to be converted into a Digital Classroom “on wheels” to tour Australia.

The “Think Digital Coach” will deliver digital education into regional, rural and remote Australia and help those that are getting left behind.

Our Launch date is set for June 6th and will will be embarking on a #CrowdSourcing Campaign to raise the money to help fund the fit out the Coach and help support the initial 12 months running costs to put the Coach on the road.

The education provided will include hands-on Labs, seminars, childrens classroom, IT displays and demonstrations

We also have on offer an ongoing online digital coaching program to continuing supporting those we meet after the Coach has departed.

The Digital Coach will also bring awareness to key issues that affect people in our target area including poor internet connectivity and data allocation.

Seats and scholarships will be made available to encourage aspiring digital community champions who want to join the Think Digital Team for a period of time, learn new digital skills and then head back into their communities to continue the education.

Our Think Digital Podcast (available on the following links Think Digital Podcast on iTunes & Think Digital Podcast on Android) blog posts and videos will be posted as we travel

We have our sleeves rolled up, a Coach ready for fit out and a wealth of education ready to share! All aboard!

Why (Purpose)

We care about the people in theRegional, Rural and Remote Australia!
“We want to do whatever we can to help them keep up with rapidly evolving digital world, for fear they’ll be left behind.”


People in Regional, Rural and Remote Australia are inspired  and digitally engaged.


Drive digital education into Regional, Rural and Remote Australia


  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Empathy
  • Education
  • Committed
  • Action
  • Innovative

Target Audience

  • Regional, Rural and Remote Australians
  • Business Owners
  • Government (Local, State and Federal)
  • Schools
  • Community Groups
  • Seniors

How does it impact the target community

  • Provides much needed digital education into regional, rural and remote Australia
  • Help them to keep up, or sadly they may fall behind
  • Empower “digital champions” into the community
  • Raise awareness to key issues affecting ‘connectivity’ and ‘data drought’
  • Provide confidence to participants
  • Shows we care
  • Gain access to education programs and experts to assist them to grow

What problems do we solve?

  • Help people to keep up with the rapid evolving Digital World
  • Provide education in areas that often don’t receive it
  • Ongoing education before and after the Coach has arrived in the region/area/community
  • Take the time to listen and deliver much needed hands-on training
  • Help Australia to grow on a National Scale.

How can YOU help?

  • Provide comments below
  • Share the journey with your networks
  • Contact Tim direct 0422 900 858
  • Email

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