How to set up a Youtube Channel for your Business

  1. Firstly if you’re not already on Google, or don’t have a “business related Google Account” it is well worth setting this up
  2. If you need to Set Up A Google Account then please do so, if not continue to step 3
  3. Sign into and then click on the “blue round person icon” in the top right
  4. Click on the small “cog” icon (Youtube Settings)
  5. Then you can create a Channel by clicking the hyper link “Create a Channel” next to the Name field.
  6. IMPORTANT: Select the “Use A Business or other name” link
  7. The give the Channel a Name, select a category and agree to the terms, this also sets up a Google Plus Page for your Business – big bonus.
  8. To ensure you’ve done it correctly, double check the icon top right is a circle with a square box (ready for a logo)

Any problems, please get in touch or 0422 900 858