Successfully raising $35K through Crowdfunding

Chris Weir, a Creative Technologist with over 25 years experience in the digital world joins us for episode 5.

Chris is a firm believer of “keeping up with technology” and to never stop learning. He keeps up by by subscribing to a series of podcasts/ vidcast like TWIT.TV. He learns something new every day!

Chris also likes to give back to the community. He does this by being actively involved in Bendigo Sustainable Group (BSG).  One successful project Chris was involved in was the opportunity to put solar panels on top of the library roof and then be paid funds for the electricity they generate. The 20 year deal with the council will see BSG being drip fed valuable funds into the organisation, that will allow them to put these funds into other community projects. The installation of the Solar System was a $35,000 and the money was raised via Crowdfunding. Chris describes some of the successful strategies they used to raise the money. This included; videos explaining the project, to regular Facebook promotion.

It cost $35,000 to install the Solar System and the money to pay for this was raised via Crowdfunding. In his interview, Chris describes some of the successful strategies they used to raise the money in including educational videos to regular Facebook promotions.  The Bendigo Sustainable Group is now developing a website that will host various Crowdfunding resources that other similar groups can access to use to help them with their own Crowdfunding projects. Visit for more details.

We touch on other topics like,  Augmented Reality and 3D Printing, build fast & learn fast, Cloud-based storage and collaborative working environments…

#ThinkDigital #Enjoy.