360º Melbourne Mini Maker Faire

I was thrilled to be a presenter and sponsor at the 2016 Melbourne Mini Maker Faire. An event that witnessed the pilgrimage of #Makers from around Victoria and Interstate Makers too. My intention was to throw myself in the deep end and learn more as much as I could about the #Maker movement as “Makerspace” is quite the a “buzz word” around town at the moment, but it’s a concept that is well cemented in overseas curriculum and innovation hubs.

I’ve also designed the Think Digital Coach to include a #Makerspace as part of its modular design, so it is very important for me to understand more about the concept and what better way to learn than from an event that draws from some of best #Makers in Victoria.

As part of my involvement, I offered to take some 360 photos and produce a 360 Video of the two-day event (see the video above or click here).


I also presented on “A New Reality In the Classroom – Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality” and facilitated a “Google Cardboard Workshop”. I certainly had my hands full, but with my sleeves rolled up, I was ready to be educated and to educate.

My Presentations (on timgentle.com)