Immersive Technology shifts community knowledge about red meat industry with Lamb Paddock to Plate story

Mixed reality such as virtual reality and augmented reality is set to be the next big digital disrupter. There is now firm evidence that this method of communication has real impact in shifting market perceptions and underpinning traditional approaches in training and education.

Exploring these emerging technology will be all the Australian Research and Development Corporations (RDC’s) at a conference in Melbourne on 10 & 11 July. As pioneers in this space for the Australian Agriculture industry, Think Digital’s founder Tim Gentle will be speaking at the event on the education and training applications for this technology.

“We are also excited to be bringing the Think Digital Coach to the event,” said Gentle.

The Think Digital Coach is a 14 metre hi tech mobile classroom, currently fitted out with 20 VR headsets, it’s a mobile VR cinema!

“Most recently, the Think Digital Coach has been on the road for Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) taking firstly the Beef and then the Lamb Paddock to Plate Story to schools and communities throughout Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, ACT and NSW.

Fiona Young, Communications Manager, Community Programs MLA said that since the launch of MLA’s Paddock to Plate Story virtual reality campaign in 2017, more than 50,000 people have experienced Australia’s red meat production system for Beef and Lamb through this fully immersive and highly engaging resource. View the VR experience here.