virtual reality community garden accessibility

Virtual Reality provides accessibility to community gardens

Think Digital, creators of FarmVR recently had the pleasure to support Harry Spurrier and the incredible team at Neuro Hero at their accessibility community garden workshop run on Friday the 16th of July. The workshop used virtual reality to provide accessibility to community gardens at the University of Adelaide.

The accessibility community garden workshop, hosted at Adelaide University’s ThincLab, provided the opportunity for children with physical disabilities between the ages of 13-18 to design a community garden in Minecraft. The designs then came to life after the workshop at the Adelaide university Waite campus community garden.

Think Digital are passionate about teaching kids where their food comes from and encouraging people to consider a career in agriculture. FarmVR utilises Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to immerse children in experiences that teach not only about where their food comes from but also what goes into growing that food. Working with Neuro hero to support children who normally do not have the accessibility access to opportunities such as creating their own gardens opened up a new and exciting chapter to Farm VR and its potential.

Kat Bidstrup CEO of Think Digital said “Virtual Reality is such a powerful visual tool that can offer people of all backgrounds the ability to immerse themselves in exciting new worlds for training or just for pure enjoyment”

“We really enjoyed being able to support such a worthy cause and look forward to seeing how else FarmVR can help bring experiences to new and diverse audiences.” Kat continued.

FarmVR has over 100 Virtual Reality Farming experiences that are available. They can be accessed on the FarmVR Web Experience, on Farm iOS App, FarmVR Android App and and in VR Headsets.

Think Digital created a VR 360° virtual tour of the garden plot and the Waite campus to allow the students to experience the space before they started designing.

Check out the tour for yourself.

The virtual reality community garden workshop was a hit; however, some Minecraft designers did go rogue and destroy their garden designs with ender dragons but all in good fun!

Once the community garden has come to life we will update the community garden virtual tour to showcase the new plots. This will allow the workshop attendees who can’t get to the Waite campus to experience their garden design remotely, showing how virtual reality provides accessibility to community gardens!

Kat Bidstrup continued to say “The XR industry needs to strive to ensure that all members of society can benefit from immersive technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Think Digital is committed to growing and learning in order to better assist people of all abilities, and relationships with organisations like Neuro Hero”.

If you would like to discuss how you can make your community garden more accessible using virtual reality, please contact us to discuss your ideas.