How TAFE Queensland and Knauf are Enhancing Workplace Safety

TAFE Queensland and Knauf partnered with Think Digital Studios to create the Interactive Safety Awareness Tool (iSAT), with the primary aim of enhancing workplace safety through innovative digital solutions. This collaboration sought to provide an engaging and accessible learning platform to address critical safety protocols across various industries.

Think Digital founder, Tim Gentle, with Knauf and TAFE QLD staff.

The iSAT tool utilises 360-degree photography and videos to create immersive learning experiences. The interactive micro-learnings cover essential safety topics like traffic management, manual handling, and preventing slips and trips. The tool has been designed to be applicable in diverse work environments such as retail, factories, farms, and construction sites.

TAFE Queensland Director of Corporate Solutions for the South West Region, Michele Berkhout, said that with an increasingly large number of roles working in industrial environments, it’s essential to offer safety content in an easy to digest, relatable format.

“It’s remarkable the number of job profiles that engage with warehouse environments. Awareness of safe work practices is crucial for individuals operating in this type of environment as well as other industrial settings,” said Ms Berkhout.

Interactive Safety Awareness Tool (ISAT)

“Additionally, the iSAT program collaborators recognised the importance of providing safety awareness early on in people’s training and career journeys — even at high school. By laying the foundation for safety training at an early stage, learners can revisit and reinforce these principles when they enter the industry later.”

Ms Berkhout said the program’s innovative immersive experience allows learners to engage with important safety content in situations when the work environment is inaccessible for training.

“At TAFE Queensland, we explore innovative ways to connect learners with training materials, anytime, anywhere as they need and the iSAT tool offers a real-world experience when training in such environments isn’t necessarily safe.”

Interactive Safety Awareness Tool (ISAT)

“But we can’t deliver programs like iSAT without industry partners such as Knauf and Think Digital. At TAFE Queensland, we’re committed to collaborating with industry, employers and the community to develop forward-thinking training solutions required now and for the future of work.”

The iSAT tool can be accessed online, providing a user-friendly interface for both individuals and organisations to improve their safety awareness and training before coming onsite to Knauf. This innovative approach ensures that safety training is not only informative but also engaging.

Our team would like to give a great big thanks to the TAFE QLD staff including Sam Metzroth and Tessa Foord, and to the Knauf staff including Christopher Cottle, George Mamic, and John Bickley.

For more information on how Think Digital can produce Virtual Reality enhancing workplace safety content for your business, contact us.