It takes a village…

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I say the same applies to creating, building and growing a business..

Nothing truly great in business happens in isolation, and so I’m thrilled to be receiving the Emerging Entrepreneur Award in recognition of the entrepreneurial spirit of all my team and our clients.

Think Digital CEO Kat Bidstrup, winner of the South Australian Entrepreneur Awards ‘Emerging Entrepreneur Award’ 2022

When I’m not working, I’m often sharing the successes and challenges of business with my family and friends. Our children have proven to be the best technology “smoke” testers and big advocates of the Think Digital Coach. Parents and friends are always ready to lend a hand when travel takes me interstate or offline, dust me off if things get hard and send me back into the arena.

The Think Digital team is a bedrock of support, innovation and kindness. We have clearly defined roles with scope to step outside of these and challenge the status quo. A mutual love of Tim Tams and coffee (best enjoyed together) greases the wheels, but it’s our values that keeps us grounded and our vision for what great looks like.

I grew up on a farm and Think Digital is now laser focused on using immersive technology in food and fibre. From teaching kids about how potatoes are grown by taking them to the farm in VR, to educating producers on emergency animal diseases in AR, we are incredibly lucky to have such supportive industry partners that trust us to develop and deliver these innovations.

Kat Bidstrup on set filming for Dairy Australia

Our clients ask us to deliver projects that are often on the cutting edge of technology, that push the boundaries and challenge the way “things have always been done.” And we are especially proud that the values they hold dear most often complement our own – which is why these relationships tend to be long term, and why the biggest compliment we can receive is that we are considered part of their team.

And now I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to extend our village further and join the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation and ThincLab team as the winner of the Emerging Entrepreneur 2022 Award. I can’t wait to set up in the city and engage with some of the best advisors and experienced entrepreneurs in South Australia and I’m equally hopeful that I too have value to share with the group. 


  1. Kat, super proud of you. Since you have stepped into the CEO role of Think Digital we have gone from strength to strength. The respect and kindness you show towards your team, your clients and those that around you is magnetising. I look forward to journey ahead. Congratulation on the recognition for all your hard work.
    Your #1 supporter.

  2. Congratulations Kat on winning SA Emerging Entrepreneur. Your dedication and hard work as CEO at Think Digital has been recognised through this award. You truly deserve it. Can’t wait to see what’s next at Think Digital. Cristina and the team at Bentleys SA/NT.

  3. Congratulations Kat on winning 2022 SA Emerging Entrepreneur. Your hard work and dedication as CEO of Think Digital has been recognised through this award. You truly deserve it. Can’t wait to see what’s next at Think Digital! Cristina and the team at Bentleys SA/NT

  4. Kat, my heartfelt congratulations to you! I could not be prouder to be a very small rock in the village. Your generosity, compassion, warmness and ‘can do” attitude to build my crazy ideas into reality is appreciated so much. Your time to shine 🙂 Here’s cheers to you. Bloody awesome!!!!

  5. What an amazing achievement for you personally and the whole team. It still is amazing what is being done with the use of technology to create engaging education. Congrats from all of us.

  6. Congratulations Kat. We are so very proud of you and it’s a privilege to be with you on your journey.

    You continue to put yourself into challenging situations where you have the opportunity to grow. And Grow you have done!

    You continue to be a great leader in your organisation, your family and the community. What is yet to be determined is what an impact you can make on the whole village in years to come. It will be my pleasure to watch how much of a difference you will make!


  7. Congratulations Kat, it has been a privilege to have watched your journey and been part of it, through training and taking on board your very wise advice. Indeed your input into the development of technology enables us to provide innovative services and technological solutions to our village. Your cheerfulness and positive nature is indeed a reflection of how you care for our communities.

    Looking forward to the next iteration for libraries and how we can provide innovative technology to our community.

    Congratulations and thank you for being part of our village.

    Janice Nitschke Millicent Library

  8. Hearty congratulations Kat, Tim and all at Think Digital. As Tim said, I have witnessed the wonderful transformation that has taken place since Kat took on the CEO role. I have no doubt the organisation will flourish and grow further under Kat’s tenure as CEO. Graham Bidstrup (CEO Uncle Jimmy Thumbs Up Ltd.)

  9. Congratulations Kat! Brilliant to see what #blooms from this new collaboration and opportunity! May you bloom where you are, Rebel

  10. Wow Kat, what a great achievement! Growing a successful business does indeed take a village yet all villages need a leader also willing to grow! Congratulations to you personally and the wider TD team! Wonderful opportunities await as you tap into your 2022 SA Emerging Entrepreneur rewards. Wishing you all the very best on this exciting journey ahead!

  11. Congratulations Kat! Your humble response to this well deserved acknowledgment is why you are such an admiration. Bringing together the tools of technology with your passions and knowledge and then sharing this with young people is important work. Enjoy this new chapter and I look forward to seeing you more in the city.

  12. Well done, Kat. You put so much into Think Digital, and think with such clarity, that this award is well deserved. Take a moment out of your day to congratulate yourself – you deserve it. And then thank the village…

  13. O dear Kat, it’s out and about, all about your talents, what I have anticipated, has now been confirmed through this award ? You do not need any ‘big ticket descriptors’ words as simple as, humble, resilient, supportive, understanding, caring, do the job! From the folk at UQ, congrats to you and all the Think Digital team

  14. Congratulations Kat on winner your award such a well deserved achievement. Your passion and care you bring to the village is essential and powerful, well done!

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