Tim Gentle

Tim Gentle

How does Google Search Work?

I often get asked the question “How do I get my website found in Google?” or statement like “My website doesn’t come up when I search for it?”. Improving your website, so it gets found better in Google is known…

Marilyn Monroe Statue 360 Virtual Tour

Marilyn Monroe Statue Bendigo captured as 360 Virtual Tour. Whilst out on my morning job, I dropped past the Marilyn Monroe Statue that has just arrived in Bendigo. Sadly there was a slight drizzle here this morning (which we welcome to the…

Virtual Reality in Farming Workshop

To watch the faces of the Seed Producers as they created their own 360 Virtual Reality Tours was amazing. It’s not rocket science I told them during the Virtual Reality in Farming Workshop and literally within minutes they were viewing their…

Autonomous Agriculture Machines

Meet Luke Schelosky, founder of aurotron.com, makers of Autonomous Agriculture Machines. Luke shares his journey of developing self driving tractors, which operate completely without an operator sitting in the tractor cabin. #digitalagriculture