Create Your Own 360 Virtual Tours ABC Central Victoria #TechTalk

Learn how to create your own 360 Virtual Tours as we unravel the mystery behind Virtual Tours in my #TechTalk with Fiona Parker on ABC Central Victoria.

Learn the benefits of Virtual Tours and what apps you need to create your own Virtual Tour.

We dabble in Google Cardboard and don a Virtual Reality Headset (Head Mount) and take a virtual trip overseas

Benefits of Virtual Tours

  • Connect with your customers like never before.
  • Consumer engagement is increased significantly
  • An increase in quality engagement increases sales opportunities.
  • No consumer experience will be the same.
  • Gives consumers more control
  • Innovative, great for brand building
  • Easily accessed and utilised by the end user (through apps on smartphones, tablets, and the like.)
  • Great for internal training and communication
  • Low cost barrier of entry

Do it Yourself Virtual Tours

  • On your SmartPhone download and install Street View App (iOS) or Google Camera App (Android)
  • Open the App and create a 360 degree photo, by clicking the orange + button, clicking camera and then taking a series of photos by lining up the orange dot with circle
  • The App will continue to prompt you to take all the photos that are required to map out a complete 360 degree prospective of your environment. The bottom button will turn green once all the photos required have been completed.
  • You can then click the bottom button to begin the stitching process
  • Use App to View (use fingers first and then click compass in the top right)
  • Why not also try viewing in a VR headsets &/or Google Cardboard

Further Instructions on creating your own Virtual Tours

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