Looking at Industry through a digital lense

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Meet Dailius Wilson, a dynamic 24-year-old who eats and breaths the digital world. He now lives and works in San Fransico and always has a good few stories to share. I met Dailius two years ago when we co-presented on “Top Digital Trends Your Need To Know About” at a conference in Syndey and we’ve stayed connected ever since.  He’s a genuine good guy with a real thirst to help people adapt and succeed in the digital world.

His current employer is Safesite App a Safety Management Software Solution that helps safety businesses eliminate paper, prevent injuries and reduce workplace risk.

For his age, Dailius has seen a lot of action in the digital arena,  including helping to architect and build web platforms, delivering marketing automation and building sales teams. His Wolf Of York Street, is his little way of keeping us all updated on his latest ventures.

In this episode, we discuss looking at your industry through a digital lense and identify ways to “Digitise the business”, to increase efficiency and to improve the experience for both you and your customers.

Tips like looking at business who is doing something similar to you and then putting yourself in the customer journey so as to experience what digital engagement tools they use, to getting top level management support, to micro-implementation are just some of the key suggestions Dailius offers us during the conversation.

It was a great opportunity to have Dailius join us and hope you enjoy this compelling episode.