#DataDrought only 1/20 of the bandwidth for Collaborative Online Environment

Imagine using 1/20th of the bandwidth to host a collaborative online learning or meeting space, well check out Gather Education. In this short video, I demonstrate how you can connect online, in real time and host a collaborative classroom/meeting and really all you’re using is in terms of data is transmitting “voice”.

The Gather Education platform is a unique opportunity for those wishing to reach those living in Regional, Rural and Remote Australia (or anywhere in the world) where there is a #DataDrought
As I prepare for next years #DigitalCrusade through Regional, Rural and Remote Australia, I am exploring ways to host online learning experiences, but without the need to chew up massive amounts of data.

Whilst I have the amazing support of URSYS and Optus Satellite, who have placed Satellite Internet on top of the #ThinkDigitalCoach, it’s not me I am concerned about, it’s those I wish to connect with.

I love my videos don’t get me wrong, but if I want those living in Regional, Rural and Remote Australia to connect with me, then expecting them to download lots of videos or joining me in a video conferencing session isn’t going to be very empathic to their situation now is it?

Although we’ve seen the amazing campaigning work of organisations like ICPA and BIRRR who have help open up unmetered education portals for those living in remote Australia, this isn’t the case for all education services and certainly not the #ThinkDigitalCoach, nor any business looking to collaborate online in #DataDrought affected regions.

If the #ThinkDigitalCoach is going to be able to able to help bridge the digital divide, I need to equip myself with an array of communication technology that isn’t “data hungry”. I’m also considering how this sort of technology can be incorporated in our new online social learning platform the ThinkDigitalCampus.
So for now, I will continue to dig down this tunnel, but wanted to share my progress.

If you’d like to connect with me and help me explore these technologies I’d love to hear from you.

Tim Gentle | Digital Crusader | Think Digital