Immersive Technologies Experience a Hit For Wedderburn College Students

Wedderburn College students enjoyed an incursion with the Think Digital Coach, demonstrating Virtual and Augmented Reality.

The Think Digital Coach this week visited Wedderburn College in Victoria where students from grades 5 through 12 gained first hand experience and education using immersive technologies such as. VR and AR.

The incursion was coordinated by the North Central LLEN, with experiences linked to the Australian curriculum. Wedderburn College teacher Danny Fowles noted that the experience had ‘obviously had an impact’; with students continuing the topic of conversation well after the coach had departed. Danny expressed his gratitude to the North Central LLEN for arranging the experience, noting that the technology will ‘impact on our students lives into the future’.

And it wasn’t just teachers who had exciting words to share – Wedderburn College student Olivia was thrilled that she had “learnt the difference between Virtual reality and Augmented Reality. I didn’t know AR existed”.

 Think Digital Founder, Tim Gentle was onboard to host the students and their teachers, sharing that “for many of the students, it was their first experience of Virtual Reality”.

Tim is a passionate advocate for integrating immersive technologies in education, specifically for education in the Primary Resources sector. “Providing the opportunity for regional, rural, remote students to have hands-on experience with this emerging technology is extremely important to their education and general knowledge of where the world is going”.

The Think Digital Coach is today headed to the Bendigo Sheep Show where students, teachers, producers and industry attending the event will have the opportunity to come aboard and experience this technology for themselves with FarmVR. If you are heading along this weekend, be sure to visit the Think Digital Coach and our team for a first hand experience for yourselves!