Virtual Classroom joins us live from Boston at the Melbourne Mini Maker Faire

As part of my presentation on a New Reality in the Classroom at the Melbourne Mini Maker Faire, I introduced an innovative Virtual Classroom platform from Gather Education. The technology utilises a Microsoft Kinect to mimic the teachers avatar delivering a truly unique and engaging experience for the student. The service also features, interactive whiteboard, feedback, chat and polls. The classroom sizes vary from 8 – 100. All in all I was impressed with the service and will continue to explore any opportunities to utilise the service here.

My first thoughts were how I could create a virtual classroom of the Think Digital Coach to continue to engage those we meet on our journey.


With the support of Gather Education’s platform, if I wanted to become an educator within thier virtual environment, I would need to purchase the following equipment. It’s a shame I can’t get this to easily work on my Mac Air as when I am presenting on stage, this would be an awesome demonstration.  I did find this article to get a kinect working on a Mac, but it’s fairly intense. Click the image below to visit the Microsoft Store.

Gather Education - Technical Requirements